Scientific Fields Related to the Quran, are Attractive at the International Level
Director of Al-Mustafa Society in the Quran Fair:
Hujjat al-Islam Abbasi said as much as we can reflect the activities that are carried out in the field of the Quran in the Islamic Republic, this interaction is beneficial for us.
16 April 2023 - 16:21
[ Number of visit : ۲۲۰ ]
"Eram Moshaver" Platform was Unveiled
With the Presence of Faculty and University Professors:
The platform of "Eram Mosahar" was unveiled in the presence of professors of the seminary and university during the 30th International Holy Quran Fair
16 April 2023 - 16:19
[ Number of visit : ۱۷۸ ]
Great Welcome of the Quran Fair by People shows the Media Propaganda
Director of Public Relations of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair:
The director of public relations of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair said: the good reception of people from the fair shows that the series of reports that were broadcast was successful.
16 April 2023 - 16:17
[ Number of visit : ۱۴۵ ]
The Palestinian Flavor in the Last Meeting of "Nahj al-Balagheh, the book of life"
Webinar of "Nahj al-Balaghe Book of Life" had a Palestinian color in its last program. Sheikh Saeed Qasim Shafi'i scholar of the Palestinian religion and a prisoner freed from the hands of the Zionists, gave a speech in this meeting, which was hosted by the Nahj al-Balagheh Reading World Movement.
16 April 2023 - 16:15
[ Number of visit : ۱۱۵ ]
Reinforcing talents and Capacities by the National media
Jebeli Saied during his Visit to the Holy Quran Fair:
The head of the Islamic Republic Broadcasting Organization, stated that the Quran Fair has a high capacity that is expanding year by year and in many cases, people's capacities are ahead of the Broadcasting Organization, and these Quranic talents and capacities should be reinforced by the organization or we should take advantage of these capacities as collaborators in radio and television programs.
16 April 2023 - 16:13
[ Number of visit : ۱۵۵ ]
The Effect of Quran on Poets is not only in the Field of Meaning, but also in Words
Amiri Asfandaghe in the Eighth Night of Hafez's poem:
The effect of Quran on poet is not only in the field of meaning, but also in the wording. Hafez's poetry night was held at the Sahifa Sajjadiye pavilion with the presence of Morteza Amiri Esfandaghe, and he said: "The effect of Quran on poets is not only in the field of meaning, but also in the wording."
14 April 2023 - 22:46
[ Number of visit : ۱۷۷ ]
"Mikhanamat" Website was Unveiled by the Minister of Health
The website "Mikhanamat" taken from the slogan of the 30th Holy Quran fair, was unveiled on April 23, with the presence of Bahram Einollahi, Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Alireza Maaf, Deputy of the Quran and Etrat of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Mohammad Hossein Mohammadzadeh, Director of the Publicity and Media Committee of the 30th Holy Quran fair.
14 April 2023 - 22:44
[ Number of visit : ۱۶۱ ]
We See Good Products and Attractive Quranic Ideas in the Event
The Government Spokesperson in International Holy Quran Fair:
Bahadori Jahormi stated that in addition to good Quranic products, we also see attractive Quranic ideas in different areas of the fair, and said: in this period of the Quranic exhibition, there were good innovations such as Quranic home meetings, the 80s and the children's events.
14 April 2023 - 22:41
[ Number of visit : ۱۴۹ ]
Inviting Foreign Guests, Gave more Effect to the International Section of the Exhibition
The Head of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication:
The head of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication said: The international section should be one of the serious sections of the Quran fair. In these years, we could not emphasize the international sector as we should. This year was the first year that we gave a little more effect to the international section of the fair by inviting foreign guests.
14 April 2023 - 22:39
[ Number of visit : ۱۷۹ ]
Working on a Hdith Was My Turning Point
An Afghan Woman Illuminated Manuscript Artist
Shakila Alami, a famous Illuminated manuscript artist from Afghanistan, said in the international section of the 30th International Holy Quran Exhibition that the workinh on a hadith about Imam Hussain (AS) was the turning point of her career.
14 April 2023 - 16:44
[ Number of visit : ۲۲۰ ]
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