Quran Fulfilling Human Needs at All Times: Cleric

Quran Fulfilling Human Needs at All Times: Cleric
Ayatollah Mohammadi Iraqi, Head of the Islamic Revolution Leader’s Office in Qom, said that the Holy Quran continues to fulfill the needs of humans at all times.

“It’s commendable that we’re integrating the Quran into all facets of modern life and show that despite the myriad changes in human life, the Holy Quran continues to fulfill human needs at all times,” he said on Monday on the sidelines of his visit to the 31st International Holy Quran Fair in Tehran.

The seminaries are shining in this exhibition, showcasing their role in Quran-related fields, spanning education, research, art, and culture, he said elsewhere.

In the seminary section, two aspects stand out, he said, adding, “First, the international activities of the seminary, which highlight their progress and focus on the global stage; Second, the Quranic consultations, which are a significant part of their work.”

The Quranic activities in the social media, particularly in addressing the doubts of the new generation, are of paramount importance, he stressed.

Today’s social media has become a tangible reality with significant influence and thankfully, Quranic activists have made their presence felt in this domain, showcasing their valuable Quranic accomplishments, which is praiseworthy and deserving of gratitude, added the senior cleric.

The 31st International Holy Quran Fair commenced at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla on March 20, with the motto of “I Read You.” This spiritual and cultural event invites visitors on a journey of exploration.

Running until April 2, the exhibition welcomes enthusiasts daily from 5:00 PM to 00:30 AM local time. Notably, the fair fosters a family-friendly atmosphere, providing a warm and inclusive space for all age groups.

Iftar tables have been arranged, allowing visitors to break their fast together in a communal setting. Beyond its local appeal, the fair draws attention to global issues, emphasizing the role of the Quran in inspiring resistance, particularly concerning Gaza and Palestine.

Through artistic, cultural, and theatrical mediums, the fair aims to familiarize attendees with Quranic concepts. Special sections cover topics such as artificial intelligence, Nahj al-Balaghah, Quranic research and consultation, Quran translation, and easy Quran memorization.


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