‘Living with Verses’ Campaign Engages 100K Visitors in Nine Days

‘Living with Verses’ Campaign Engages 100K Visitors in Nine Days
A campaign titled “Living with Verses” has been warmly welcomed by visitors of the 31st International Holy Quran Fair.

“Living with Verses” is a section that was first introduced at the 31st International Holy Quran Fair, Seyyed Hamid Hashemi, director of the campaign said on Sunday.

 This initiative reached an impressive milestone by engaging with a hundred thousand visitors within the first nine days of the exhibition, he stressed.

The campaign’s mission is to present practical verses that are mentioned in a book titled “Mastura”, he said, noting that the book is a compilation of concepts from a book written by the Islamic Revolution Leader about Islamic thought in the Quran.

These concepts are blended with modern and tangible examples for the general public, Hashemi said, noting that a key feature of this section is the presentation of seven central verses under three categories: “read, understand, memorize”.

Various competitions are held, offering prizes such as trips to Mashhad, household appliances, and cultural awards, he said. “Since the start of the exhibition, we have given out over 313 prizes every night, with a variety of games and programs for both children and adults.”

Additionally, international reciters perform recitations of these seven verses to the audience every night, he said.

To participate in the contests, visitors can fill out written questionnaires, Hashemi said, adding that those who answer three out of five questions correctly are entered into a lottery. There’s also an online competition where two winners are selected electronically each night for a trip to the holy city of Mashhad and a pilgrimage to the shrines in Iraq, he added.

The 31st International Holy Quran Fair commenced at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla on March 20, coinciding with the Nowruz holidays. This spiritual and cultural event invites visitors on a journey of exploration.

Running until April 2, the exhibition welcomes enthusiasts daily from 5:00 PM to 00:30 AM local time. Notably, the fair fosters a family-friendly atmosphere, providing a warm and inclusive space for all age groups.

Iftar tables have been thoughtfully arranged, allowing visitors to break their fast together in a communal setting. Beyond its local appeal, the fair draws attention to global issues, emphasizing the role of the Quran in inspiring resistance, particularly concerning Gaza and Palestine.

Through artistic, cultural, and theatrical mediums, the fair aims to familiarize attendees with Quranic concepts. Special sections cover topics such as artificial intelligence, Nahj al-Balaghah, Quranic research and consultation, Quran translation, and easy Quran memorization. 

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