31st International Holy Quran Fair Comes to a Close

31st International Holy Quran Fair Comes to a Close
The 31st International Holy Quran Fair concluded on Tuesday night, April 2, coinciding with the 23rd day of Ramadan.

The exhibition, that began on March 20 at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla, was filled with a variety of booths, all centered around the Holy Quran.

As the exhibition came to a close, it was brimming with believers and Quran enthusiasts, transforming into a spiritual haven for those observing the fast.

This year, the exhibition was scheduled during Nowruz holidays, a departure from previous years. Despite some initial predictions, the event was warmly received by the faithful and fasting attendees.

The exhibition’s popularity turned it into a Nowruz destination for believers. Many families even brought their Iftar meals to the venue and broke their fast in the presence of the Holy Quran. The exhibition officials welcomed these fasting visitors with a simple Iftar meal and tea.

This year’s exhibition was more vibrant than ever, with a range of Quranic programs, competitions, and entertainment for children and teenagers. As a result, these sections were always bustling. Activities like Quran competitions, video games, film screenings, theater performances, and viewing Quranic and religious content through VR galsses were particularly popular among the younger attendees.

In addition, initiatives like the “Hafiz Sho” [become a memorizer] and various Quranic circles were introduced. These additions were well-received by the visitors.

There was also a dedicated department for addressing people’s questions about religious issues. This section was set up by the country’s seminary, where seminary experts were on hand to provide answers to the public.

The exhibition saw a good turnout, thanks in part to the extensive media coverage from various television and virtual channels. Even channels like the children’s network, as well as film and series streaming platforms, provided unprecedented coverage of the event.

This year, the international section of the Holy Quran exhibition was better organized than in previous years. It was held in the main exhibition space, and representatives from 25 countries showcased their Quranic works.

From the first day of the exhibition, the news headquarters of the Quran exhibition swung into action, producing news with vigor. As the exhibition commenced, the news production process ramped up, and news was published not only in Persian but also in Arabic and English.

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