‘Galaxy of Resistance Front’: Artists Creates Special Painting during Two Weeks of 31st Intl. Quran Fair

‘Galaxy of Resistance Front’: Artists Creates Special Painting during Two Weeks of 31st Intl. Quran Fair
Hasan Norouznia, a talented 61-year-old artist, has been working on a captivating piece titled “Galaxy of the Resistance Front” during the 31st International Holy Quran Fair.

He works in a section of a booth that hosts Tehran Province’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Department.  

Art serves as a powerful medium for conveying knowledge and eternal truths, he said on Monday, adding, these truths resonate more deeply when they honor the memory of martyrs.

The extraordinary lives of these martyrs, who sought justice and made self-sacrifices, cannot be captured in everyday language, instead, their stories demand to be told in the enduring language of poetry, films, music, and at times, through the medium of painting, he added.

The “calligraphy painting” technique, a fusion of color, shape, space, and texture, is designed to stir emotions, he said, referring to the style of his artwork.

The artwork allows the observer to sense the vast multitude of martyrs or to envision an endless sea, Norouznia said.

“During the exhibition, we intentionally altered this panel every night. This was done so that visitors taking multiple photos would capture the panel in a unique light each night,” he said. “Essentially, this painting evolved over the two weeks of the exhibition, setting it apart from a piece completed in a single session.”

The 31st International Holy Quran Fair commenced at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla on March 20, coinciding with the Nowruz holidays. This spiritual and cultural event invites visitors on a journey of exploration.

Running until April 2, the exhibition welcomes enthusiasts daily from 5:00 PM to 00:30 AM local time. Notably, the fair fosters a family-friendly atmosphere, providing a warm and inclusive space for all age groups.

Iftar tables have been thoughtfully arranged, allowing visitors to break their fast together in a communal setting. Beyond its local appeal, the fair draws attention to global issues, emphasizing the role of the Quran in inspiring resistance, particularly concerning Gaza and Palestine.

Through artistic, cultural, and theatrical mediums, the fair aims to familiarize attendees with Quranic concepts. Special sections cover topics such as artificial intelligence, Nahj al-Balaghah, Quranic research and consultation, Quran translation, and easy Quran memorization. 

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