With the Presence of Faculty and University Professors:

"Eram Moshaver" Platform was Unveiled

"Eram Moshaver" Platform was Unveiled
The platform of "Eram Mosahar" was unveiled in the presence of professors of the seminary and university during the 30th International Holy Quran Fair

Tehran: International Holy Quran Fair; the Eram Consultancy platform launched by the Khatam Institute of Islamic Family and Spiritual Education, was unveiled at the 30th International Holy Quran Exhibition. It will be the first consultation platform that will provide services in the field of Quran-based and general consultations. Hujjat al-Islam Hadi Hossain Khani, director of the Imam Khomeini (RA) Specialized Center, said on the sidelines of the unveiling of the consultation platform: the principle is that we can expand consultations through virtual space, especially if it is done in the style of the Quran and based on Islamic teachings and values. It is a prosperous and new event.

He continued: the advantages of this type of consultation are that we can obtain the system of issues through this platform and we can also identify based on the different regions where these statistics are obtained.

Hossein Khani emphasized: the most important principle in counseling is to keep secrets, and this should be taken into consideration in consultations that take place virtually.

He pointed out: In general, launching this platform is a valuable work and will definitely bring good results.

Providing Consulting Services in Three Modes: Visual, Audio and Written

Mohammad Hossein Chavoshian, the director of Khatam Islamic Family and Spiritual Education Institute, also stated on the sidelines of this unveiling: this platform was launched in order to promote the culture of principled, systematic counseling by using the best seminary and university professors and providing specialized services in various counseling fields.

He continued: in this platform, specialized counseling services are provided by the best professors in the fields of counseling psychology and educational sciences in the fields of individual and group counseling, educational counseling, adolescent counseling, academic counseling, talent counseling, career counseling, premarital counseling, couples counseling, childbearing counseling, family legal counseling, matching and psychometrics.

Chavoshian stated: this platform is capable to provide consulting services in three modes: visual, audio and written, while respecting people's privacy.

A completely Iranian Platform for Consulting

Dr. Fatemeh Sadat Razaghi also stated on the sidelines of this unveiling: This platform was designed using the knowledge of domestic engineers and has all the necessary standards for an online consultation.

She continued: it is expected that the Eram Consult platform can fill the gap and lack of religious and Quran-based counseling in the country.

Razaghi emphasized: this platform is the first comprehensive software that is available from the Institute of Islamic Family and Spiritual Education at ERAMMOSHAVER.IR.

30th International Holy Quran Fair ended on Friday, April 14.

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