Director of Public Relations of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair:

Great Welcome of the Quran Fair by People shows the Media Propaganda

Great Welcome of the Quran Fair by People shows the Media Propaganda
The director of public relations of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair said: the good reception of people from the fair shows that the series of reports that were broadcast was successful.

Tehran: International Holy Quran fair; Javad Nasiri, the director of public relations of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair, discussed the activities of the media and communication department and its sub-committee with the fair news headquarters. Nasiri named the set of activities in the field of media, communications, virtual space, advertising, information, news and public relations under the set of the deputy of media and communications and said: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadzadeh is in charge of this deputy and I am also in charge of activities related to media and I help public relations.

Attendees` Great Welcome Shows the Success of Media Activity

He considered the consolidation of activities related to the media as the reason for the emergence of centralized management in the fair and added: The good reception by the people shows that the series of reports that were broadcast was successful.

Nasiri stated that the first proposition for the successful activity of the media was the public's attention and acceptance of the exhibition and continued: People showed unimaginable attention and attendance to Shabestan and open spaces of the Quran fair.

More than 50 Posters Designed and Published for the Quran Fair

He explained about the approach of this year's International Quran Fair: this year, we entered the Quran with 3 approaches: family, women, and attention to children. We also designed and produced posters and teasers about these issues.

Nasiri called the design of the posters conceptual and based on the verses of the Quran and added: In total, we designed and published more than 50 posters for the exhibition, we designed 10 original posters and 20 posters related to the martyrs with the slogan of the exhibition “I call you”, and also 30 poster based on 30 verses of the Holy Quran in the national and virtual media.

Wide Coverage of the National Media about the Quran Fair

He pointed to the issue of attention to the family and said: journalists and media activists were guided and informed about the issue of the family approach in the exhibition, and thanks to God, we were successful in this matter considering the output of the exhibition.

Nasiri added: "on the other hand, the national media cooperated very well with the exhibition, especially in the different news sections, where our friends at IRIB news agency were present at the exhibition almost every night with different teams. They also prepared reports from different sections and broadcast them in various news sections on different networks.

Live Broadcast of the Quran Fair on Television

Regarding the activity of other media, he said: in addition to that, Quran and Maarif TV and Radio Quran had their daily activities in the form of live broadcasting for one to two hours, which was very good and interesting. Also, every night they talked with guests from different parts of the exhibition.

Nasiri added: in the headquarters of deputy of Media and Communications, we launched a network under the title (Nama Quran) on television, which broadcasts live 8 hours from 17:00 to 24:00 and twice with 24-hour rebroadcasting of various programs and sections of the exhibition. has covered

Extensive Media Activity in Virtual Space

He informed about the good diversity that happened in cyberspace this year and said: "there was a good diversity in cyberspace in domestic social networks such as Ita, Bale, Rubika, Soroush and also in foreign social networks such as Instagram, Telegram and Twitter created a very serious atmosphere about the exhibition and created hashtags, and people were invited to create content about the exhibition.

Nasiri also said: contents from different departments were prepared and produced by an expert and highly professional team and were republished in different spaces.

In the end, he mentioned different media such as IKNA news agency, Shabestan, Hozeh, Quran Radio and Quran TV Network and said: this year, the Quran fair news staff was a professional and capable team that had many good productions and these productions were republished in different media. On the other hand, the presence of the media in the fair was a very good event and a good guidance was created, we invited other media and created a media pavilion, which we could host each of them during the time of Iftar and rest.

It 30th International Holy Quran Fair ended on Friday, April 14.

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