Rehearsing the "Liberation of Quds" scenario in Laser-Tag of the Quran Fair/ The 80s Become Fighters

Rehearsing the "Liberation of Quds" scenario in Laser-Tag of the Quran Fair/ The 80s Become Fighters
The manager of the laser-tag pavilion of the youth section of the international Quran Fair explained the game scenario of this section and said: In the laser-tag section, teenagers practice the liberation of the holy Quds with a predetermined scenario.

Tehran: International Holy Quran Fair: "the 80s" (those who born from 2000 onwards) is the special youth section of the 30th International Holy Quran Fair, which this year is managed by Mehdi Jafari Jozani, with various and attractive stalls of the Quranic club, playhouse, procession, escape room, virtual reality laser-tag, youth cinema, question and answer session and The Quranic Youth Journalists Club has organized special and innovative events for the visitors.

aser-tag is a safe sport and game in which participants can compete. The type of weapon in this game and its arrow is laser type, and the amount of damage is determined by touching the sensors installed on the player's clothes.

For the first time in the history of the Quran exhibition, this fascinating contest with a scenario is hosted by the enthusiasts in the 80s pavilion, the 30th International Quran Fair and at the place of Imam Khomeini's (RA) Mosalla in Tehran.

"Mohammed Hossein Khadem al-Maleh" pavilion manager and Laser-tag game designer said about this game: The ultimate goal of Laser-tag is to convey Quranic content, which is very attractive with the game. The scenario starts with the Zionists plotting to make history about themselves and intending to steal the burial documents of Danial Nabi, so the name of one of our laser tag games is "Saving the Museum".

He clarified about the hidden dimensions of this game: the hidden point of the scenario is created when the 80s unknowingly picked up a weapon and engaged in the Zionist struggle, which will raise questions for them in the future, what was the cause of this struggle, and this question is the beginning of a rationalization and thinking.

The designer of the "Saving the Museum" game explained the different dimensions of the laser-tag game and added: instead of playing with mobile phones, children in this game experience a real environment similar to attractive games that take place in a controlled environment in the form of a physical game, which does not have the complications of virtual games.

Khadem al-Maleh considered the reception of laser-tag in the 80s to be unprecedented and emphasized that every night about 400 people experience this game, and said: people in laser-tag feel the stress and excitement completely real, so this game is a kind of sport.

30th edition of the International Holy Quran Fair will be held from April 1 to 15 with the slogan "I call you" in Imam Khomeini's Mosalla in Tehran. The visiting time of this exhibition will be from 17:00 to 24:00, except for Qadr nights.

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