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...The story of a Virtual Exhibition

Every year, we were in Imam Khomeini® Grand Musalla. With all difficulties, bitterness, there were the months of the autumn of 2019. The autumn was in its middle time and based on the regular trend of each year, we were busy and in the process of planning for being present in Musalla once again.
Sometimes later, the plans got more complete. We entered into negotiations with different bodies. The works were on the progress. The ideas and proposals were coming and being reviewed until in the last month of the year, everything was disrupted …
The Corona virus arrived. Everybody was awestruck by the unknown virus. Nobody knew what would happen. We were also perplexed. According to the approvals, the programs were being closed one by one.
Moving got difficult and sometimes later, in the spring of 2020, the Quran Exhibition faced a lockdown. The exhibition got closed in 2020!
It was at that time when the idea of a Virtual Exhibition took shape in our minds gradually. We were all hopeful that it will become possible to attend the event and to shed light at Musallah at the nights of Ramadan, but it did not happen … and then what should happen took place, i.e. The First Virtual Holy Quran Exhibition …
However, this is a blessing grace. If only the people of Tehran had a chance to attend. Now, thanks to Internet, from all over the world, the people can attend, and what a great opportunity?.
More people means more sympathy and more lights … we hope with the assistance of God , this Exhibition could reinforce its place more than any time in the past . Nothing could be replaced with it and instead of being held in Ramadan, it could continue its job during the whole year.
The base is this idea. It is a pretext for a constant intimacy with the Book of God.. more in Ramadan , since it is the month of the Quran and continuously to be present in the whole year …
The Corona which took the Physical Exhibition from us, but it granted us the Virtual Exhibition and now this is The First Virtual Holy Quran Exhibition ahead of you ….
It is hoped that with the God’s grace, this opportunity could be constant and the number, one by one to rises beside the name of Virtual Holy Quran Exhibition and it could serve as an introduction for the intimacy of our beloved people with the miracle of the last prophet of God … the Quran but …

“The Quran, the Book of Growth and Germination”
This is the motto of The First Virtual Holy Quran Exhibition which will be at your service from 1-10 May, 2021 (corresponding with 18-27 Ramadan) in two parts of Shop Services and Contextual Services.
The Shop section will be accessible only during the exhibition time but with the help of God and assistance of the owner of the Quran, the Contextual Services will be at your service even after the Exhibition…

What is the Virtual Quran Exhibition?
The virtual Quran exhibition is a bed ground to introduce the collection which offers high level Quranic services at the virtual world and cyberspace. These services are offered in two general sections:

One: Shop Services:
540 publishers in the domain of religion, Quran and holy defense with more than 15 thousands book titles will be at the service of virtual visitors.
The 20-percent discounts on all works along with free delivery of the purchased works by Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company are among the services which are offered here.
Two: Contextual Services
We have tried to help with the self-motivated bodies more than any other time in the past. The bodies which perhaps have been less seen or unnoticed, but in fact they have worked much better than the public bodies for the Quran.
This year, the pivot of our job are these bodies , with their own names and address , from a body which offers Quranic teachings through virtual world and is in a remote city in the south of the country and now it is being introduced to another body in the north and east and west of the country….

A- Media and publicizing support
Using the exhibition, websites, news agencies, I.R.I. B , social media and … , our attempt is to introduce these bodies to the people directly , so that more individuals could utilize their services.
In this introduction process, they are the hubs. The interview is presented in their own language. The dialogue is made by them and they introduce their service themselves.

B- Indirect financial support
We do not pay any cost to the bodies directly, but in accordance with the agreement, they will absorb supports from us during their services. The more the people welcome them, the more support they will relieve.
For example , the body which presents virtual teachings and in the regular situation, the people will be charged for these teachings , as a grace of Ramadan and The Virtual Holy Quran Exhibition, their services will be offered in a lower cost or free of charge.
To the extent that the people will use that body, in a specific limit , they will receive aids. In this manner, both the bodies are supported , and the costs is not a gratuitous grant to have any further margin , and the people will also receive the services free of charge or in a lower cost.
Within our own capacity, we have made our best efforts to have the general trend move towards media services of people to people , but there is no doubt that we will be in need of assistance of all interested people and authorities , so that this path could constantly move towards growth and germination and continuity . Don’t forget your servants in your prayers.

درباره سی‌امین نمایشگاه بین المللی قرآن کریم

«می خوانمت»
این شعار سی‌امین نمایشگاه بین المللی قرآن کریم است که از 12 لغایت 26 فروردین‌ماه 1402 (مصادف با 10 تا 24 رمضان المبارک) در بخش های مختلف در مصلی امام خمینی (ره) پذیرای عموم علاقمندان است.

تماس با ما

تلفن پشتیبانی : 02161905

ساعت پاسخگویی : 8 تا 12

ساعت کار نمایشگاه : 17 تا 24

آدرس : مصلای امام خمینی (ره)

آرم معاونت