An Afghan Woman Illuminated Manuscript Artist

Working on a Hdith Was My Turning Point

Working on a Hdith Was My Turning Point
Shakila Alami, a famous Illuminated manuscript artist from Afghanistan, said in the international section of the 30th International Holy Quran Exhibition that the workinh on a hadith about Imam Hussain (AS) was the turning point of her career.

Tehran: International Holy Quran Fair: Shakila Alami, an Afghan artist, gave an overview of her art and works on the sidelines of the 30th International Holy Qur'an Exhibition in Tehran. Stating that she is currently working in the Mushaf section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of illuminated maqnuscript and cursive Qurans, said that she is present at this year's exhibition as a religious scholar from Afghanistan.

Stating that she has exported her works for sale to other cities and countries, including Dubai, the UAE and Italy, she stated that she has had numerous exhibitions inside Iran and is also the head of the "Sheh-Mame" girls' group, a group of Iranian students and Afghan immigrant that organizes exhibition every year.

she also added that illuminated manuscript is an art that is always mixed with the Holy Quran and hadiths and in the international section of the Afghanistan pavilion, four works by me as well as the calligraphy of my husband, whose illumination is also my work, were exhibited, and some works are illuminated with 24 carat gold.

she considered her turning point iof her career as working on a hadith and said: I became famous after working on hadith "Hussein is the lamp of guidance and the ship of salvation". Indeed, Hussein (pbuh) is the light of guidance and the ship of salvation" and from that Later, different countries bought my works in the form of banners or posters and installed them in their homes.

Alami saied that an example of hes work has been installed in Imamzadeh Saleh in Tajrish and added: Our works are mainly used in the form of printing to illuminate the verses of the Quran.

While describing this year's Quran exhibition as excellent, this Afghan artist emphasized: "It would be nice if the exhibition was opened from the beginning of Ramadan to create more opportunities to introduce us and our art."

Stating that she has had many visitors from Japan, Pakistan and India at this year's exhibition, she said: They are interested in learning the art of illuminated manuscript as an authentic Iranian art, and the duration of the exhibition is not enough to familiarize the visitors.

Alami further called this art as a delicate work and said: among us Muslims, golden color is a sacred color and therefore we make things like mosques, imamzades and blessed places and the Holy Quran, which is a precious book, more beautiful with gold.

At the end, this Afghan artist expressed her hope that such exhibitions will be held at different times of the year and not limited to the days of Ramadan.

0th edition of the International Holy Quran Exhibition will be held from April 1 to 15 with the slogan "I call you" in Imam Khomeini's Mosalla in Tehran. The visiting time of this exhibition will be from 17:00 to 24:00, except for Qadr nights.

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